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Dry Lab Calendar

June 2013

  • Week 1 (10-16 June)
    During this week litterature searches about biological logic gates and protocols were performed.
    We also began to plan the lab work for the following weeks. We started to take an inventory of necessary biobricks already available in plates supplied by the MIT and to mail former iGEM teams to receive the others.
    Project complet scheme elaboration with all the needeed biobricks.
  • Week 2 (17-23 June)
    We wondered about the use of another strain DH5-1, with a faster growth and so a reduction of waiting times. Reflexions were also performed about the integration strategy of our system in the bacterial host E. coli.
    In parallel, we finalized the final global diagram of our system and intermediate constructions for characterizations (light sensors, carry diffusion (AHL) and general inducer (atC)). These ones have been divided up between team members to start first clonings.
    New search and amplification of biobricks with rbs and terminators if possible.
  • Week 3 (24-30 June)
    Design of sequences to synthesize in order to save time : logic gates and our riboswitch regulation system in biobrick format.
    A new idea for logic gates design came up : recombinases can turn terminators over , instead of genes themselves. So we had to find adapted terminators in the registry part, that is to say very efficient ones in both ways of transcription.
    As far as the integration in concerned, reflexion keeps going. The final host can not have more than two plasmids, with two different markers and origins of replication. AND1/AND2 gates should be on a first plasmid and XOR1/XOR2 on an other to reduce recombination problems. Moreover a part of our system has to be integrated in the host’s genome. We did a research about this topic to understand how integrative vectors work. We asked the UNIPV Pavia Team (2010) about their integrative vector for E. coli. Yet, a pir+ strain is needed to make it works... Search has to be continued...

July 2013

  • All month
    Modelling: bibliography about previous works on diffusion, on AHL, how AHL can interact with agar...
    Website: Creation of the logo, Reflexion about the different sections we wanted to appear in the site, about how they interact, what is the better way to organize them.. Reflexion about the general design of the site.
    Ethics: starting of the reflexion on ethical aspects of the project. Informal meetings were organized.
    Conferences and meetings : Organization of different conferences in order to present our project and receive advice.

August 2013

  • All month
    Modelling: Experiences with Chromobacterium in order to obtain a model for the diffusion of AHL.
    Website / Logo : Every pages have been created on the wiki. Hard work was done for the design. Starting to write some pages.
    Ethics: Researches were done on ethical problem about synthetic biology in order to complete our reflexion. Starting to write articles for the wiki.
    Conferences and meetings: Meetings with Mr Cornet about the integration strategy.

September 2013

  • All month
    Modelling: Analytic Modelling of the diffusion, Numerical Resolution with Comsol.
    Website: Writting more pages as possible and published them, Notebook, Taking a lot of pictures (really a lot...), Design of the tee-shirt for regional Jamboree. Ethics: End of writting, articles were posted on the wiki.
    Conferences and meetings: Organization of conferences to present the progression of the project, the different results.

October 2013

  • Week 17 (30-6 October)
    Website : On the wiki everyday and everynight, last pages, last modifications!!! End is close…. Wiki finished at 5:58 am...
  • Week 18 (7-13 October)
    Preparation to the Jamboree, with the help of external advisors.