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General Inducer Characterization

June 2013

  • Week 3 (24-30 June)
    Amplification of new biobricks for cloning:
    BBa_J23119: Strong promoter,
    BBa_P0440: rbs tetR term,
    BBa_I13521: Ptet rbs RFP term.

July 2013

  • Week 4 (1-7 July)
    Assembly of a strong promoter with tetR. tetR protein is necessary to inhibit the Ptet promoter.
  • Week 5 (8-14 July)
    Assembly of Strong promoter-tetR with Ptet-RFP. The RFP should be inhibited by tetR and expressed in presence of atc.

    The construction is then sent for sequencing.

  • Week 6 (15-21 July)
    The sequencing shows that the construction include a mutated promoter instead of J23119. So we assembled tetR with Ptet-RFP.
  • Week 7 (22-28 July)
    We assembled a Strong promoter with tetR-Ptet-RFP to finalize the construction.

August 2013

  • August 2013
    • Week 8 (29-4 August)
      The tries didn’t work, so we did it again one more week the assembly of Strong Promoter with tetR-Ptet-RFP.

    • Week 9 (5-11 August)
      Because none of last clonages worked, we tried with several promoters in order to increase our chances of success.
    • Week 10 (12-18 August)
      None of the passed assemblies worked, so we tried with a weak promoter.

      This one seems to work but we are waiting for the sequencing to confirm the construct.

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