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  • LB medium:
    - 10 g tryptone
    - 5 g yeast extract
    - 10 g NaCl
    - Add 15g agar (for petri dishes)
    - Suspend the solids in ~800 ml of distilled or deionized water
    - Add further distilled water or deionized water, in a measuring cylinder to ensure accuracy, to make a total of 1 liter
    - Autoclave at 121 °C for 20 mins
    - After cooling, swirl the flask to ensure mixing, and the LB is ready for use

    Wait ~50°C (when you can hold the bottle with hands) to add ATB

  • SOB:
    - 2% w/v tryptone (20 g)
    - 0.5% w/v Yeast extract (5 g)
    - 8.56mM NaCl (0.5 g) or 10mM NaCl (0.584 g)
    - 2.5mM KCl (0.186 g)
    - ddH2O to 1000 mL
    - 10mM MgCl2 (anhydrous 0.952 g) and 10mM MgSO4 (heptahydrate 2.408 g)

  • SOC:
    In addition to the SOB contents, SOC also contains 20mM glucose (3.603 g)
    Alternatively, SOB and SOC can be made by adding small amounts of concentrated magnesium chloride and glucose solutions to pre-prepared SOB.