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Our team is very thankful to our advisers, instructors, sponsors, suppliers and to those who assisted us with various stages of our project. In particular, we need to acknowledge the individual efforts and contributions of everyone below.


The 2013 Macquarie university iGEM team ran the project themselves, student members obtained primary key roles, to which they would be responsible for. Despite key over-arching roles being assigned, each and every student has been involved in every key aspect of this project, from website design to lab work to human outreach. Below are the primary roles and responsibilities that each student assigned themselves.

Lab Work/Experimental
These people signed on as regular lab staff, setting up experiments and assisting each other. Everyone was in involved with a variety of different things relating to the lab.

Michael GibbsDominic LogelKatherine Blackshaw Scott ChanDamien McCarthyJarrad Phillips

Fatima Habl AlmatinBenjamin BrownEthan Cooper

Human Practice
Responsible for our extensive and diverse human outreach campaign. These people designed, setup and contacted various methods of communication between a variety of different social groups.

Kirsten Gadsby Diana Ubiparipovic Adam Hammonds Nadine Dissanayake Chris Steel Rijata Sharma

Annika Van LieropAbdul MirAvneeta Mala

Sponsoring & Design
Tasked with finding funding for our project and also the design and creation of promotional materials for the team. The graphic design and the construction of our team poster was also completed. The creation of the team's wiki page was overseen my Mark.

Harrison Campbell Daniel Russell Amy Ryan

Mark Trouch
(Wiki Chief)


Joanna Hare, Elizabeth Daniel, Elle Worgan, Silas Vick and Yagiz Alp Aksoy acted as our advisors. As members of previous Macquarie iGEM teams, their experience and advice was invaluable, and we are very thankful that they gave up so much of their time and effort for our project.
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Louise Brown, Robert Willows and Nikki Packer acted as our instructors, and generously donated their time, experience, guidance, instruction and support. As well as overseeing the development and progress of our project, they provided us with protocols, advice and assistance in both the laboratory and human practice aspects of the project.

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Macquarie Labs

Our wetlab work was conducted in the Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences teaching labs, as well as the use of equipment within the labs of Dr. Louise Brown and Dr. Sham Nair.


Macrogen performed sequencing analysis on all of our BioBricks.


This project would not be possible without our sponsors for providing funding and discounts

jQuery, Java & Open Source HTML Codes

jQuery and other HTML code sources were used to construct our wiki, and we greatly appreciate the work of others in developing the scripts that we utilised.