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Our Instructors

Instructors for the 2013 Macquarie iGEM team included staff from the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science at Macquarie University. Each staff member has helped to support our project with their vast research experience and have also helped financially to send our team to the Hong Kong iGEM Regionals.

Dr. Louise Brown

Louise Brown oversaw all of our groundwork, helping manage us. She helped us to keep up our morale throughout the project. Louise had the important role in developing communication between the team members so that our project proceeded efficiently.

A/Prof. Rob Willows

Rob, alongside Louise, helped to interpreting our gels and our sequences. We turned to Rob when an experiment didn't proceed as planned for advice and ways to improve the experiment. Our chlorophyll biosynthesis gene pathway was also constructed from Rob's studies.

Prof. Nicki Packer

Nicki helped the team with finances, finding sources of funding previously unobtainable.