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Parts Submitted

The 2013 Macquarie iGEM team have continued the expansion of iGEM’s gene registry, adding a suite of genes integral to the chlorophyll biosynthesis pathway. We have designed BioBrick versions of 13 genes, twelve of which have been assembled. Nine of these assembled BioBricks have been sequenced to confirm fidelity to design and sent to iGEM headquarters, while we await the sequence confirmation of a further three. One final BioBrick is currently under construction.

Our intention is to provide future teams with access to our designed genes and their documentation, which was previously out of reach. The multitude of new genes we have added not only allows future teams to continue with similar goals of harnessing photosynthetic properties, but to allow new and novel research tasks to be performed.

Our reflections on use of the registry for future iGEM competitions:

The iGEM registry is an amazing resource for future iGEM teams and research teams alike. However, it seems that this resource is not being tapped into and being taken advantage of as much as it could be. An idea that the Macquarie team has had includes requiring future teams to look at one part from the registry, to check the sequence and look at its function. This would encourage optimum use of the registry and sharing of information, which is one of the central ideas of iGEM. In addition to this it would help to clear any existing problems with the parts in the registry, making it a more reliable resource.

Parts Developed

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