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Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research

An international conference held by Macquarie University, hosting undergraduate research presentations. Various prizes offered for different presentation groups. The iGEM team WON best Plant Science or Molecular Biology presentation.

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To further inform other university students from different areas of study of not only synthetic biology but also our project and the methods used in the lab, Kirsten Gadsby, Daniel Russell and Rijata Sharma presented at the Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR). This was the second time the conference was held and attracted a number of undergraduate students from different faculties presenting their research they they had performed. It was run over two days, the 19th and 20th September at Macquarie University with presentations from 43 speakers and 19 poster presentations, from some of the brightest students across Australia and New Zealand. Great interest was shown in our project and we were short-listed for a prize, subsequently we won the Best Presentation in Plant Science or Molecular Biology.

Our presentation

At this conference we were allocated 15 minutes of speaking time followed by 5 minutes of question time. During the presentation we needed to clearly define the concepts of molecular biology from what is DNA, RNA and proteins to how they all relate to each other. This was then linked into the process of synthetic biology and how synthetic biology differs from genetic engineering, a concept we thought a majority of people might only have a basic concept of. We then introduced our project, methodology and results using basic terminology as not to overwhelm non-science audience members.
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Undergraduate Research Conference Poster