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What about being isolated from general audience and doing experiments without mentioning others?

To better our project, we set three goals for our human practice. The first one we want to share our project to general audience, and make it a practical application to the environment. We thus had lots of interviews with experts concerned and beekeepers. We also cooperated with other lab to combine different technique that would improve our project. Enthusiatic in sharing our ideas, we met up with some of the iGEM teams in Taiwan and China, taking part in the Conference and giving them advice. For we hope that more people could retrieve the beauty of synthetic biology, we made presentation in front of all of our schoolsmen and went to Taipei American School to promote our ideas. It was happy that some of them were inspired, so they finally decide to found an iGEM team for high school student next year through our assistance. On certain occation, we incidentally knew that some iGEM teams in Taiwan were facing difficulties like having insufficient fund or experienced members, which built up lots of barriers to make a whole project greatly completed, so we determined to build up an easier way in doing experiments for thoes who are not that familiar with the experimental techniques. All our wish is to change the world in a tender way and make others soaked in the overwhelming astonishment of bioloigial wonder.