Achievement & judge criteria

1.We construct a series of new standard Biobrick part and device and submit it to MIT.

2. We design a “RNA guardian” device and prove it matches our goals and submit it to MIT.

3.We find that Biobrick BBa_K590015 do not work because of the wrong sequence, so we correct it and registry the mamJ gene(BBa_K1059014).

4.We utilize the microfluidic chip to build the mathematical model reflecting the relationship between the bacterial number and magnetic field intensity.

5.We built a model to simulate the route of E.coli in the Microfluidic Chip and quantitatively analyze the magnetic detection ability of the sample bacteria, introducing a magnetism detection coefficient to quantify this ability.

6.We preserved Magnetospirillum Magneticum AMB-1 mamAB genes in E.coli, prevented the genes lose when AMB-1 strain was cultured in high oxygen partial pressure environment.

7.We help Tsinghua University by constructing a device and sharing drugs.

8.We run lots of human practice activities to share knowledge and thinking of synthetic biology, discussing and practicing in the usage of biotechnology.

We deserve a Gold medal!