The intracellular compartment is so useful in protein embellishment that we are willing to construct such a compartment in E.coli cells. But what should we do to get it?

An article from Nature 25 April 2013 prompts us that the magnetosome compartments in Magnetospirillum Magneticum can provide a reaction condition isolated from the cytoplasm to achieve intracellular biomineralization reaction. [1,2,3] This inspires us to construct the magnetosome compartments in prokaryote cells in order to improve the reaction rate, display protein molecules on membrane, and offer some research thought in many other aspects of the basic research of cell biology.

Above all, we plan to construct an artificial gene cluster with several different genes: mamK, mamI, mamL, mamB and mamQ[4~12], to construct the compartment.

Fig1:our aim is to reconstruct Magnetosome membrane in E.coli

After gene cluster constructing, we propose to examine our result by (1)Using TEM to show the structure of the compartment; (2) Using MamC::GFP fusion protein to prove the possibility of anchoring protein onto membrane exactly and (3) Using a microfluidic chip which could characterize the magnetism of the cell.