ZHONG Xiaodong

Hi! I’m Zhong Xiaodong. I major in biotechnology. I’m in charge of competition affairs and experiment. And you can contact me: .I hope be friend with you.

WANG Wenjun

I’m Wang Wenjun, a junior student of OUC, the project designer of our team. My major work is to devise a series of implementation model theoretically for our project, especially the construction of intracellular compartment and make sure it could really work in practice. It’s my great honor to join this team, work with my wonderful teammates and experience synthetic biology in the past year. You can get touch with me by sending mail to: I will be glad to hear from you.

SUN Mengqi

My English name is Faye and I major in Life Sciences. My role in the iGEM team is lab assistance, competition affairs and advertising. I'm interested in Marine Microbiology, Biogeochemical cycles and lab management. I love exploring and I won't mind having a career that keeps me out at sea for most of the year. Besides biology, I enjoy classical literature, DIY, hiking and fantasy. You are welcome to contact me via Email:


I‘m Wang Qiu,a sophomore student of OUC.I’m majoring in biochemicals and molecular biology.I just feel so luky to join the competition,and I learned a lot!The experience of fighting together must be an unforgettable memory beyond all doubt!


I’m SUN Xue, a junior majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I joined the igem team this year to further my knowledge and lab skills in the field of synthetic and microbiology.I am excited to be in such an amazing journey of life science. I am the vice leader and lab manager of our team to ensure the lab work well.


Hello,I'm Wangyu.Happy to join this wonderful team. I'm responsible for the construction and testing of a tool that can prolong the halflife of a mRNA.I think Our work just like a jounary, during this period, I experience a lot,I find life is the the most fantastic thing in the word,and I'm so pround I can remake it,how imaginable! I'm major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, you can get in touch with me by send mail to Welcome any time!


Hi,I am Xu Lin.I’m very glad to be a member of dry lab and work with others.My major work is to analysis the experimental data and model the process of mRNA deradation.Something amazing and interesting is that there is so much uncertainty in a small cell.So revealing the mystery under the life and find some regular patterns is exciting.My major is Marine Resources Development Technology .You can find me called Xu Lin Ouc on facebook. Eager to talk about Synthetic Biology with you!

QIN Kaili

Hello everyone! I'm Kaili Qin ,I'm a junior student of Ocean University of China majoring in Marine biological resource and environment. It,s my pleasure to take part in 2013-iGEM. I come here with passion and excitment, to do something different for my college life, and to pursue a same dream with my teammates. I believe where there is a will there is a way. We can accomplish an amazing dream even there might be many difficulties. So, if you really want to do something, regardless how tough it is , just go forward and the difficulties will leave behind of you.


Hi,Everyone.My English name is Catherine and I'm really glad to join in iGEM 2013. I am charge of establishing models and graphic design.I believe that biology is a magic subfect and hope to have a chance to be involved in biological experiment by using my professional konwledge.Now,iGEM realized my desire.

LU Qianyun

Hello, my name is Lu Qianyun.I am a junior student majored in Biological Science in Ocean University of China. In our team, I act as a wetlab member in the magnetosome group. In my opinion, iGEM not only provide an opportunity for me to practice my scientific capacity, but also give me a wonderful chance to broaden my horizon and get access to the top research level all around the world. I think iGEM is something more than a worldwide competition, it is a holy belief which steers me into the light of truth!

ZHENG Yuchen

Hi, I am Zheng Yuchen, a senior student in college of information science and engineering. My major is computer science and technology. It is a challenge and great honor to me to be the designer and wiki programmer in OUC-China team. I have the passion for web development, meanwhile, I am now learning. Although it is not my major, I like molecular biology. I hope I can make my team's overview better. Making a great show about our project is the goal of all members.