Team:Paris Saclay/Notebook/April/20


Notebook : April 20

Week end Brainstorming : 20&21 April 2013

People there :

  • Instructors and advisors : Sylvie, Philippe, Nguyen, Solenne
  • Students : Pierre-Louis, Gabriel, Zhou, Nima, Andy, Damir, Kevin, Jean-Rémy, Xavier, Caroline, Anaïs, Eric, Abdou.

Saturday 20th April :

1. Presentation of the simulation’s software of Damir

This is a htlm page that Damir did to follow any biological systems. This simple software can be use by everybody if they know the different constants of their system. (adresse ip) - Very good idea, we can develop it at the same time that the scientific project - Look if others software were done by igem teams - Find constants in literacy - Find people to help Damir

2. Proposition of projects

a) Caroline’s Project : Seine’s depollution

Problematic: PCBs are toxic, ecotoxic, carcinogenic and presents in the Seine in sediments.

The idea: create a biological system that can detect and degrade PCBs Others iGEM team worked on it : Clemson 2012, Lethbridge 2008 Bielfield 2012

Questions: - What chassis ?

- What genes and enzymes ? burkoderia, pseudomonas,

- Can it possible to do ? Not to hard ? there a lot a genes and enzymes to combine

- Kind of action of the PCBs ?

- Safety : how to limit the spreading of the bacteria? Gemote ?

Pros and cons :

+ -

Seine = our environment to save

Natural bacteria did it, why do it with E. coli ?

Burkoderia Xenovorans : one way, 2 gens : easier

Can it work ?

Complete subject : chemistrie, biology, ethics …

PCBs are in sediments, how to degrade it ?

Contacting ideas : Mr. Dubow to visit a water treatment plant

b) Nima’s Project

Problematic: Cambridge 2007 BOL : Bacteria Online

Idea : Make a analogy between internet and synbiology : intern and extern communication. Creation of an amplification system of flux with a binary system

Questions: - Degradation of the signal

- Order of the signals

- Storage of the signal

- How to restart the signal ?

Pros and Cons :

+ -

Interristing subject and original

utility ?

c) Nguyen’s proposition : detection of Cs

Questions :

- Known Receptors  ?

- Reaction that can be developed ?

Pros and cons :

+ -

Environment project : attractiv

Tc and LA : radioactive forms

concrete utility

Can we make the difference between Cs and radioactive Cs ?

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