Team:Paris Saclay/Notebook/July/24



Notebook : July 24

Lab work

A - Aerobic/Anaerobic regulation system

Objective : obtaining BBa_K1155003, BBa_K1155007

1 - Extraction of BBa_I732017 and BBa_K592009 from DH5α

Xavier, Zhou

Cultures of BBa_I732017 and BBa_K592009 in DH5α, did the 07/23/13, works. We can extract BBa_I732017 and BBa_K592009.

Protocol : Hight copy plamid extraction

Objective : obtaining BBa_K1155001

1 - Sequence analysis of BBa_K1155001

Abdou, Anaïs

The sequence is good. We obtain BBa_K1155001.

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