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Our Novel Approach : The Damir's PCR

One of the fundamental principles of the iGEM contest is the Open Source. Each iGEM team can take over an old project or a biobrick and improve it, change it to build something new, something better.In this way, our team decided to developp a novel approach, an Open Source approach which each team could use, share and improve : the "Damir's PCR". We have create a PCR's Machine by ourselves, with XX euros ( = XX dollars) and common tools : xx and xx ... The Damir's PCR is the best exemple of the consequences of the Open Source in synthetic biology : everyone can make it and share it. The goal of this novel approach is to share with other teams the Damir's PCR and use it like a basic tool that can be improved.


Description of the Damir's PCR :

photo + l├ęgende en anglais

Description of the construction and the tools used by Damir :

Test and results

Essai avec courbe etc ...

Open Source Reflexion

We have organized meetings about the impact of the Open Source in our society. Indeed, the Damir's PCR in the direct consequence of the OpenSource movement. It was important for use to better understand this concept and its results.


More over, we have interview Ellen Jergensen, a pionner in SynBiology Open Source.

lien vers l'interview