Submitted parts

<groupparts>iGEM013 TMU-Tokyo</groupparts>

Parts data

  1. BBa_K1015013Km-Blunt end
    This is what connected the blunt end to cohesive end of pSB1C3.

  2. BBa_K1015014IRR/IRL(Ptet)-FLP-Sm(insert between lacA and cynR)
    This device produce FLP and AadA(streptomycin resistant gene) . But if site specific recombination be caused between IRR site and IRL site by FimE recombinase, pTet promoter change "OFF" state and FLP production stop.

  3. BBa_K1015015araC-pBAD-hbiF-Tc(genome insertion parts between araC and araA)
    With bacteriophage λ recombination system, this device insert into Escherichia coli genome. This device produce hbiF recombinase and tetracycline resistance protein (tetA). HbiF production level are regulated by arabinose inducible promoter pBAD.

  4. BBa_K1015016lacI+FRT+Cm
    This is genome insertion part. The device is: R(SaApR)homology sequence(BBa_K1015018) + lacI(BBa_K1015008) + FRT(BBa_K1015009) + mhpA homology sequence(BBa_K1015009).

  5. BBa_K1015017FRT+Ap(for RED system)
    This is genome insertion parts. Site specific recombination site. if it happens by Flp sequences between 2 place of FRT is left out.