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Safty Check List

We planned making a self assessment for our experiment.
For that, we made Safety Checklist.
The safety of our experiment is ensured by this checklist.

Safety Check list(PDF)


Safety Guidance by our instructors

Date Teacher Employee of Experiment
July 4th Takeshi Kanegae (Environmental Response of Plant Lab) Kento Tominaga
September 2nd Junichi Kato (Molecular Genetics Lab) Kento Tominaga
July 10th Takashi Okamoto (Plant Photoregulation Lab) Eri Sakurai
Marina Ikeno
July 24th Shin Haruta (Environmental Microbiology Lab) Masashi Ohara
Rena Nakajima

We thought that it was very important to experiment safely and wrote this policy on“iGEM 2013 basic safety form”too. Our team members think that the experiments done in dangerous way are meaningless. Therefore, we took care to protect biodiversity against genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Also we really took care our project didn't have any bad effect on environment and human body.

Therefore, we received the safety guidsnce from our instructors to experiment safely at laboratories. In the guidance, we are taught that how we should write the experimental data in notebooks and how we should use experimental devices or chemicals are in the laboratories.
Also we’ve experimented along their lab’s rules.