Team:TMU-Tokyo/Human contribution


iGEM Japan Meet up 2013

On August, 25, we held the “iGEM Japan Meet up” in our university and invited the iGEM teams in Japan. In this year, these following 7 Japanese teams participated in this event.

We planned this event because we wanted to make the opportunity of information sharing among Japanese teams. Also we wanted to make the opportunity to communicate with other teams.

In this event, each team gave about 20 minutes presentation about their project. And after finish the presentation, we followed with a question and answer period. Many people asked positively a lot of questions to presenters and it was a good opportunity to get objective opinions for their projects.

After the all teams except TUPLS-Tokyo finish their presentation, we offered some foods, drinks, and snacks to them. We really enjoyed and had a good time to communicate with other teams. We believe that participants enjoyed too.

We’ll keep this connection with the other Japanese team as long as possible.

Contribution to "TUPLS-Tokyo"

We have supported a new iGEM team from Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, “TUPLS-Tokyo”. This team was established in 2013, and they are going to participate in the iGEM competition in 2014.

In June, we knew that some students of Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences established new iGEM team. In order to support the team, we held a meeting on June 30 and invited them to our university. Before this meeting, we received a lot of question about our team and our project from them. So we made the document which has the answers to their questions. We also guided our experiment space and let them show our laboratory instrument and experimental protocol. Additionally, We invited them to the iGEM Japan Meeting that was held in our university. As a result, they became able to have a lot of connection with other iGEM teams in Japan.

Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences is in the place that is very near to our university, so we intend to continue the support to TUPLS-Tokyo as far as possible. Finally, we put up a comment from TUPLS-Tokyo’s team leader, Mr. Mezawa.

Tokyo Metropolitan University iGEM team, TMU-Tokyo was giving us a lot of support for development of our team.

On June 30, we participated in the meeting that held at Tokyo Metropolitan University. In this meeting, TMU-Tokyo gave us the        document in which they wrote the detailed answers to our questions. This document were useful and we came to understand how we        should run our team, how we get a fund, and so on. Also we could observe their experiment facilities.

Also we were invited iGEM Japan Meet up held at Tokyo Metropolitan University on August 25. In this meeting, many Japanese iGEM       teams participated and we were able to have a lot of connection with them. TMU-Tokyo team is our important supporter, and we want       them to continue to support us.

From TUPLS-Tokyo’s team leader Yoshihiro Mezawa

Interchange with Macquarie_University team

Some of our team members visited Australia in March, 2013. And we had a relationship with Macquarie_Australia team.

We had a look around the university’s laboratory and held the exchange meeting. In the meeting, we talked about the current progress of each team’s projects. It was a great opportunity for us to have a communication with iGEMers of Macquarie University.