Uppsala iGEM 2013

iGEM Uppsala chromoprotein collection

Bringing color to the world of synthetic biology since 2011

Something we have come to realise is that sometimes the most useful parts are also the simplest. IGEM Uppsala first began synthesising several chromoproteins from sea anemones and corals back in 2011 and transforming them into E. coli. The result was the growth of strikingly colourful bacterial colonies. Work on the chromoproteins continued during the 2012 project, however because of a mix up nothing was sent to the registry.

Since then we have expanded the collection further and the interest in them has exploded. In this year alone around 10 teams have contacted us requesting our chromoproteins. They have been featured on the parts registry front page, published on the front cover of Nature reviews microbiology 10 year anniversary issue and been requested by NASA for possible future space applications.

This is why iGEM Uppsala is proud to present our complete chromoprotein collection. We have sent the chromoproteins to the registry, assembled both with and without RBS and together with a range of popular promoters to make them as available and easy to use as possible. Our hope is that by providing a comprehensive list of different chromoproteins to the registry that others will be able to use them and continue to find new purposes for them. Below you can see some of our chromoproteins previewed.

Complete chromoprotein collection

BBa_K1033900 - meffBlue, blue chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033901 - meffBlue, blue chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033902 - meffBlue, blue chromoprotein
BBa_K1033903 - tsPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033904 - tsPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23106)
BBa_K1033905 - tsPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033906 - tsPurple, purple chromoprotein
BBa_K1033907 - fwYellow, yellow chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033908 - fwYellow, yellow chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23106)
BBa_K1033909 - fwYellow, yellow chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033910 - fwYellow, yellow chromoprotein
BBa_K1033911 - scOrange, orange chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033912 - scOrange, orange chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23106)
BBa_K1033913 - scOrange, orange chromoprotein (incl. RBS)
BBa_K1033914 - amajLime, yellow-green chromoprotein (incl RBS & J23110)
BBa_K1033915 - amajLime, yellow-green chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033916 - amajLime, yellow-green chromoprotein
BBa_K1033917 - gfasPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033918 - gfasPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033919 - gfasPurple, purple chromoprotein
BBa_K1033920 - meffRed, red chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033921 - meffRed, red chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23106)
BBa_K1033922 - meffRed, red chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033923 - spisPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033924 - spisPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23106)
BBa_K1033925 - spisPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033926 - asPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033927 - asPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033928 - aeBlue, blue chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033929 - aeBlue, blue chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033930 - amilCP, blue/purple chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033931 - amilGFP, yellow chromoprotein (incl RBS)