Uppsalas contribution to the iGEM community

For this years competition we at iGEM Uppsala 2013 have deposited 63 new biobricks to the registry. Biobricks such as tools for our new Lactobacillus genus introduced to the iGEM community, new basic components for the production of metabolites previously not found in the registry, an improvement of various biobrick parts and last but not least we have also deposited various parts that have never made its way to the registry before. Each and every parts performance has been extensively documented during its use and all of the information will be able to be previewed as an experience on each part.

iGEM Uppsala 2013 has worked hard on improving biobricks such as stilbene synthase BBa_K1033002 (STS) and 4-coumarate CoA ligase BBa_K1033001 (4CL) that were worked on by Rice universitys iGEM team 2008. These biobricks will now be available for the first time in the registry containing a complete description of our experiences with the part.

Finally iGEM Uppsala are proud to present our complete chromoprotein collection , a collection of reporter genes that are directly visible to the naked eye. All the chromoproteins from iGEM Uppsala team 2011 & 2012 will finally be available through the registry. We have also expanded our collection by introducing 8 new chromoproteins such as meffBlue BBa_K1033901, tsPurple BBa_K1033905, fwYellow BBa_K1033909, scOrange BBa_K1033913, gfasPurple BBa_K1033918, spisPink BBa_K1033925, asPink BBa_K1033927, amajLime BBa_K1033915

BioBricks constructed during iGEM 2013


BBa_K1033206 - Shuttle vector pSBLbC for E. coli and Lactobacillus
BBa_K1033207 - Shuttle vector pSBLbE for E. coli and Lactobacillus
BBa_K1033219 - Promoter CP1
BBa_K1033220 - Promoter CP8
BBa_K1033221 - Promoter CP11
BBa_K1033222 - Promoter CP29
BBa_K1033223 - Promoter CP30
BBa_K1033224 - Promoter CP41
BBa_K1033225 - Promoter CP44
BBa_K1033250 - mCherry fusion protein codon optimised for Lactobacillus reuteri
BBa_K1033259 - Toxin-antitoxin system from Lactobacillus plantarum
BBa_K1033260 - Toxin-antitoxin system from Lactobacillus plantarum
BBa_K1033280 - aeBlue blue chromoprotein with strong promoter
BBa_K1033281 - amilCP blue chromoprotein with medium strength promoter
BBa_K1033282 - amilCP blue chromoprotein with strong promoter


BBa_K1033100 - geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase (B0034CrtE)
BBa_K1033103 - geranyl diphosphate synthase
BBa_K1033104 - Isopentenyl diphosphate isomerase


BBa_K1033000 - tyrosine ammonia lyase (TAL) with RBS
BBa_K1033001 - 4 coumarate ligase (4CL) with RBS
BBa_K1033002 - stilbene synthase (STS) with RBS
BBa_K1033003 - B0034-4Cl-B0034-STS


BBa_K1033110 - Zeaxanthin 7,8-cleavage dioxygenase (ZCD)
BBa_K1033111 - Zeaxanthin 7,8-cleavage dioxygenase (ZCDHis) with His tag
BBa_K1033112 - "Uracil glucosyltransferase (UGTCs2)"
BBa_K1033113 - Uracil glucosyltransferase (B0034UGTCs2-6xHis) with RBS and Histag
BBa_K1033115 - Histidine Patch Thioredoxin

Sweetner (Miraculin)

BBa_K1033120 - B0034-ExpTag-Linker-Miraculin-Linker-6xHis
BBa_K1033122 - B0034-Miraculin
BBa_K1033121 - Miraculin

Complete Chromoprotein Collection

BBa_K1033900 - meffBlue, blue chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033901 - meffBlue, blue chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033902 - meffBlue, blue chromoprotein
BBa_K1033903 - tsPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033904 - tsPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23106)
BBa_K1033905 - tsPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033906 - tsPurple, purple chromoprotein
BBa_K1033907 - fwYellow, yellow chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033908 - fwYellow, yellow chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23106)
BBa_K1033909 - fwYellow, yellow chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033910 - fwYellow, yellow chromoprotein
BBa_K1033911 - scOrange, orange chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033912 - scOrange, orange chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23106)
BBa_K1033913 - scOrange, orange chromoprotein (incl. RBS)
BBa_K1033914 - amajLime, yellow-green chromoprotein (incl RBS & J23110)
BBa_K1033915 - amajLime, yellow-green chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033916 - amajLime, yellow-green chromoprotein
BBa_K1033917 - gfasPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033918 - gfasPurple, purple chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033919 - gfasPurple, purple chromoprotein
BBa_K1033920 - meffRed, red chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033921 - meffRed, red chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23106)
BBa_K1033922 - meffRed, red chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033923 - spisPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033924 - spisPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23106)
BBa_K1033925 - spisPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033926 - asPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033927 - asPink, pink chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033928 - aeBlue, blue chromoprotein (incl RBS, J23110)
BBa_K1033929 - aeBlue, blue chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033930 - amilCP, blue/purple chromoprotein (incl RBS)
BBa_K1033931 - amilGFP, yellow chromoprotein (incl RBS)

New antibiotic resistance marker for E.coli

BBa_K1033990 - Zeocin resistance cassette