Human practice

This year, when we decided on our iGEM project, one of our main focuses was that it should be well integrated with our human practice projects. We think that human practice is one of the most important parts of iGEM.

Our goal is to create GM food. To be able to realize our vision we have to consider alot of different aspects.

Is it safe to eat GM food?
Will people want to eat genetically engineered bacteria?
How can we easily communicate our project idea?
If we commercialize our idea, should we patent it?
Can we patent biobricks and do we even want that?
How should we see on safety issues, can our organism spread in the ecosystem? Should we add a killswitch?
Why is GMO restricted in Europe and what does politicians think of this?

We have tried to answer all of these questions in our human practice project. The conclussion we have made is that we think the future of GM food is bright and that it is absolutely realizable.