Cooperation with other iGEM Teams

During this year's iGEM we have cooperated with the following teams:

  • Poznan-BioInf - we send them our superfolder proteins: sfCFP, sfBFP and sfYFP asking them to measure those proteins
  • NRP-UEA-Norwich - we send them three samples of soil from Warsaw
  • ATOMS-Turkiye - we told them about our new approach to an issue of Human Practice
  • GdaƄsk-UG - we received methanol-dependent promoter from M. organophilum - BBa_K1038001. We added to it B0034 RBS and E0040 reporter (GFP). We tried to measure it with different concentration of methanol, but did not make it before wiki freeze. We intend to continue working on it until we obtain solid results.