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Human Practice

Cooperation with Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN in progress

Genes and machines


Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN (Polish Scientific Publishers PWN) has been the largest Polish publishing house specializing in science publishing books for over 60 years. Thanks to its handbooks PWN is well-know among tremendous numbers of Polish students. Because we have realised that there is no elementary easy-to-read book about synthetic biology dedicated for high school and undergraduate students we decided to create one. The book "Geny i Maszyny" (eng. Genes and Machines) consists of 13 units presenting the basic information about systems biology, bioinformatics, biosafety, and so called "Do It Yourself Biology". In September this e-book was distributed in high schools all over the country thanks to Wydawnitwo Naukowe PWN and soon it will be available on our synthetic biology hub powered by Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. We aimed at the Polish audience as we think that spreading information about new possibilities offered by synthetic biology should start on a local level.

Synthetic biology - HUB

Launched during the last week of September, the Synthetic Biology Hub is a space that we would like to devote to the latest synthetic biology applications and emerging technologies. Just like the e-book it is designed to help Polish students in their exploration of the SynBio world (even if they are not fluent in English). We aimed to create a Polish source of basic information available for people not deeply involved in life sciences. As the e-book is intended as a handbook, the hub will provide short communications for light reading during lunchtime as well as some amusing content. The project is going to be continued throughout the next year, with weekly updates from various authors.

You can find it here (because we are still working on the SEO settings, it may be for the time being, non-indexed by search engines).