Our team

Team We are proud to present You, our team with our dinosaur!!! This is the mascot of our Faculty of Biology. As you can see he is on vacation, surfing in our halls in the night, when no one can see him...

Most of our students are studying biotechnology in our University, but we also have people with Computer Science background that decided to take the challenge and start their adventure in iGEM competition from the perspective of the wet lab, which is a completely new experience for them !!!

Our group is divided into two different laboratories, one is situated in the Department of Molecular Biology and our second laboratory is situated in the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology.


Aleksandra Bartosik

Ola I am studying biotechnology and chemistry at the College of Inter-faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Science. I'm fascinated by biomimicry and bioengineering, because we are surrounded with plenty of awe-inspiring technologies almost ready to use.
My other passion is journalism, learning languages and traveling. In my free time I dive, preferably somewhere in Northern Europe, talk about graphics with my best friend and wonder why the world works the way it does...
This is my first iGEM competition, so everything is exciting and I can't wait for the Jamboree. In our iGEM Warsaw Team I take care of the Human Practice part of the project and work in the Cell Lab.

Filip Hoffmann

Filip I am a student of Biotechnology at the Faculty of Biology, I also study Neuroinformatics at the Faculty of Physics in our university. My area of interests are genetics of bacteria, and brain - computer interfaces. Privately I am an avid sailor and an amateur football journalist. I also own two lovely cockatiels, Athen and Tyrion.

Elżbieta Jankowska

Ela I'm a final year student of Biotechnology, which means I'm currently working on my Masters thesis. Hopefully it will be finished soon. My area of scientific interest includes ancient DNA, molecular phylogenetics, synthetic biology (of course:p) and anything I find interesting at the moment. Apart from that I like traveling, singing and sci-fi & fantasy.

Ewelina Kośmider

Ewelina Primarily I'd started studying Biotechnology at the Faculty of Biology but after one year I moved to the College of Inter-faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Science. In my future I want to be connected with either life science or computer science. The area of my interest is pretty wide: starting from computer security and molecular biology through Chinese and ending up with dancing with fire.

Anna Kotrys

Ania I am a sophomore student of biotechnology at the University of Warsaw. The area of my scientific interest focuses on alternative splicing and RNA metabolism. What I am also interested in, are molecular mechanisms of cancerogenesis. In 2013 iGEM project I am responsible for the cytotoxicity study in the cell biology part. In the future I would like to follow a scientific pathway which I assume would lead me to a phD in molecular biology. Apart from biology, I am keen on fencing and tennis and I do love the arts.

Anna Miścicka

Mysz I am studing biotechnology at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Warsaw. This year I did my Bachelor thesis in the Department of Molecular Biology, so next year I'll start Master thesis, also in the Department of Molecular Biology.
I have an artistic nature. I love drawing and singing. I am a soprano in Faculty's Choir since January 2012. In free time I am watching animated films (Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks and this stuff) - I am partial to polish dubbing.
I think if I didn't chose science, I would be a grafic artist, singer or voice actress.

Aleksandra Olszewska

Ola I am a student of graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. I try to make the work of IGEM Warsaw team more attractive to your eyes...

Dorota Kaja Sabat

Kaja I am studying biology and psychology at the College of Inter-faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Science. So far I was researching mutations in POLG1 human gene, but this year I am beginning my adventure with embryology. Aside from science, I like traveling and taking photographs. I am also enthusiastic rock climber :)

Anna Saffray

Ania I am a first year student at the Faculty of Biology of our university and I am studying biotechnology.
I enjoy spending time in the laboratory learning new exciting approaches, methods and facts, that is why I am trying different projects. I have met the World of: plants, bacteria, yeasts, as well as the World of cells, I don't know yet what to choose but I guess at one point I will just know.

I can't wait to go to the IGEM conference and hear about new ideas and projects of other students that are going to be present, it is always a great opportunity to talk with people that share the same passion for science.
Apart from my first hobby (science) I enjoy listening to classical music, especially Sergei Rachmaninoff and play the piano.
When I get away from the crowd in Warsaw I enjoy the wonder of Natural Horsemanship. Spending time with my horses taught me that all I need to do is: be present, listen, observe and everything will be alright...

Katarzyna Sitarz

Ania I am studying biotechnology at the Faculty of Biology. I am fascinated by biology since middle school. My main subjects of interest are: Genetics, virology, and carcinogenesis.
I have so many ideas about my future as a scientist that I have no idea with which area of biology I will spend my time on...
Apart science I am interested in politics, feminism and recently I became also interested in fun facts about the subway...
I am befriended with a cat named Richard...

Róża Węglińska

I am studying biotechnology and psychology at the College of Inter-faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Science . I am particularly interested in genetics, molecular biology and proteomics, as well as neurobiology and neurogenetics.
This year I did my Bachelor thesis in the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology in the Laboratory of RNA Biology and Functional Genomics . Next year I'll start Master thesis, also in this lab, carrying out a project related to the study of protein interactions connected to CCR4-NOT complex in Homo sapiens.
Since May 2011 I am the head of the Student Genetics and Epigenetics Society at the University of Warsaw.
I'm fascinated by learning and teaching, dealing with new teaching developments in early childhood education. Besides, I like traveling, reading books, playing board games and singing (I am a soprano at theFaculty of Biology Choir since October 2010). I am also collecting postcards and tea from all around the world...

Kamil Żmijewski

Kamil I am a student of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at the Stefan Batory High School in Warsaw. In the project, I am working in the cell biology section, taking part in the measurements of cytotoxicity of acrylamide in eukaryotic cell lines. The work in the laboratory is an engaging and rewarding experience, which is complemented by excellent supervision and cooperation. Apart from a strong interest in science and health-related issues, I am also interested in photography and semantics. I wish to continue education in medicine or a related area leading to clinical practice and non-clinical medical research.


Kamil Koziara

Kamil I am studying Computer Science and Biotechnology at the University of Warsaw, but that's just on paper. In reality I am trying to get more holistic view of the world which basically means running around hectically, learning random stuff to answer intriguing me questions to get even more questions. It's a vicious circle, but it's really fun to do so.
Recently I am joining the hype over the big data and bioinformatics. I am fascinated by bioengineering and its applications. I love to read. From time to time I torture myself with some philosophical concepts. When I am too tired to think I go for a swim. \(^-^)/

Anna Misiukiewicz

Anna I am a graduate of Biotechnology at the University of Warsaw with a specialization in microbiology. The end of my studies couldn’t hold me back from continuing my adventure with science, that’s why I’m a Warsaw Team member. Now I’m mainly focused on the field of my employment – a quality control in pharmaceutical production which I find very interesting and quite different from anything I've done so far. I still can’t imagine my life without a cup of black tea, weather forecast and visiting my hometown – Białystok. As often as possible I spend my free time with my great hobbies - psychology and analogue photography.

Mikołaj Ogrodnik

I have finished my master studies at the Faculty of Biology this year and from October on I will continue as a PhD student. I am highly interested in cellular biology, mostly in processes concerning ageing and senescence. I believe that the better understanding of ageing process could provide the means to better treat age-related diseases and even to extend human lifespan.
I like also botany, molecular biology and bioinformatics. I enjoy traveling and doing small (or sometimes bigger) scientific projects all around the world. Outside the lab I am spending my time on long strolls, reading books and rock climbing.

Krzysztof Szczepaniak

Krzysiek I have graduated from the University of Warsaw and now I'm beginning my PhD studies at the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw. Beside biology, I like computer programming and I try to develop my skills in this field. Outside the lab I am a scout leader, I am interested in foreign languages, astronomy and I love everything connected with science-fiction and fantasy.

Antoni Rościszewski

Antoni I am an undergraduate bioinformatics student at the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics. I'm particularly interested in systems biology and bioinformatics applications in synthetic biology, as well as personal genomics.

Marcin Ziemniak

Marcin Ziemniak I have graduated from the University of Warsaw (M.S in bioorganic chemistry and B.S in molecular biology). Currently, I am a PhD student at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw . The scientific project in which I am involved is interdisciplinary, hence in my research I employ not only chemical synthesis of modified nucleotides but also a variety of biochemical and biophysical techniques. I am also quite interested in structural biology and nanotechnology. Apart from academia I enjoy travelling, taking photos and sport. I am also an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy.


prof. dr hab. Jacek Bielecki

prof. Bielecki
Education: MSc, University of Warsaw, 1975; PhD, University of Warsaw, 1981; Associated professor, Warsaw University, 1995; Professor at University of Warsaw , 1996; Vice Dean of Faculty of Biology, 1996 - 1999, and 1999-2002
Research interests: Molecular mechanisms of virulence of bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, especially the role of a hemolysin, listeriolysin O (LLO).

dr Takao Ishikawa

Takao Born in Tokyo, working and living in Warsaw, I am interested in protein-protein interactions. In my research, I employ in silico modeling of protein complexes and theirs verification by molecular biology methods. I am not only fascinated by life science, but also being in love with popularization of science. Giving lectures for students, teachers, and children give me a lot of fun!

mgr Jakub Piątkowski

Radek I am a molecular biology Ph.D. student at the University of Warsaw Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology. My research interests include RNA turnover in mitochondria and the evolution of organellar genomes.

dr Radosław Stachowiak

Radek My adventure with biology and biotechnology dates back to 1995 when I became a biotechnology student at the University of Warsaw. In the year 2000 I completed my MSc thesis and I guess I couldn’t stop there so I immediately started PhD studies. Now I’m done with studying and my job is to take care of students and introduce them into science. Still, I like being involved in crazy projects so characteristic of Sudent's Societies. The more crazy and incredible project the better. I guess this is the case so here I am.

dr Roman Szczęsny

Roman Szczęsny My principal research interests lie in the field of RNA metabolism. I am especially interested in RNA processing, degradation and quality control pathways executed in different compartments of human cells. I enjoy sharing my experience and know-how with highly motivated students.


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