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Lab Notes: June

Date Notes
June 1Gel electrophoresis and pick up several colonies. Small-scale plasmid purification and then cut with E+P.
June 2Gel electrophoresis to analyze restriction fragments. Transformations of several parts (BBa_K6008002, BBa_K411003, 23L, 17F, GFP).
June 3Pick up three colonies of part 17F and cultivate in LB+A medium. Transformations of 23L and 5-1D R0010 for another time.
June 4Pick up colonies of 23L terminator --- successful! Transformations of 17F, GFP, and plasmids mentioned on June 1st.
June 5Find monoclone of BBa_K6008002 (cultured in June 2nd). Transformation of part DH10. Pick up colonies of 5-1D R0010.
June 6Small-scale plasmid purification of 17F part. Sterilization of culture plates and cuvettes.
June 7Plasmid purification of 23L part. Store strains in -80°C.
June 8Transformations of parts R0010, GFP and BBa_K411003. Pick up colonies of R0010 and GFP.
June 9Small-scale plasmid purification of GFP.
June 10
June 11Preliminary experiment using new competent cell of DH52, and BL21.
June 12Pick up colonies of GFP and R0010 and cultivate in LB+A medium.
June 13-30Final examinations for the semester.

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