Iron coli project

Baptiste Baudu


Age: 22 years old

Attribution: Lab worker and Wiki feeder
Abilities: Does competent cells that "
pètent du feu de Dieu" and makes alarms ring

I'm a student at AgroParisTech, in master Integrative Biology. I take an avid interest in both systemic and synthetic biology in general. The meeting of Biophysics, Biochemestry, Informatic and Ethics and Biology is really interesting,especially in iGEM. I also like the fact that iGEM is not just a fundamental research project with BioBricks characterization, it's much more bigger: funding, design, ethic, modeling, collaboration..! This year, I'm taking a year off to obtain more and various experience in systemic and synthetic biology.


2012-2013: Master 1 (Four-year university degree) in Integrative Biology at AgroParisTech, Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences
2011-2012: Licence 3 (Three-year university degree) in Life Sciences, at the Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris
2009-2011: Preparatory classes: a two-year undergraduate intensive course in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology at Lycée Janson de Sailly, Paris