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As designing wiki is something relatively new and unfamiliar to us, we have asked many seniors on how to design a wiki webpage. Some members contributed by searching the web and some books on how to construct a wiki.


The members from the experimental group prepared and finalized what is needed for the experiment. The documental crew on the other hand started to design our wiki webpage! – How exciting! =) As our experiment proceeds, we would update our wiki week periodically to keep all our members and fans updated about our progress and latest news.


While the Documental crewmembers continued working on our wiki and sorted out the paper works, our experimental crewmembers were also on the run!

Today they started off with preparing the lysogeny broth (Lennox) for the culture of our bacteria. As most of our members are from different labs, Some of them have not worked with bacteria’s before so this was a very worthwhile and extensive experience.


To keep the ball rolling, we continued our experiment the following day by preparing the competent cell. Fortunately we have a team member who has had experience working with bacteria hence, guided us through this part of the experiment.


Besides working on our own lab experiments as well as iGEM experiments, we never forgot about our human practices! It came to our attention that there are still many people out there that still do not really know much about iGEM and what is synthetic biology.

Since it s a part of our requirement and we also find it a pity that so few people know about such fascinating knowledge and foundation. Our team members designed a questionnaire and went to various junior high schools to promote synthetic biology as well as what we were doing in iGEM, hoping to evoke their love and passion for biology.


While part of our members totaled up the statistics from the questionnaire, the other part focused on typing up the wiki abstract.


It is said that, “ To rest is so we have the energy to walk a longer road” and so, after experiencing a chaotic week, we have decided to take a day off and relax in order to take on next weeks challenge!

Go Go Go Hypnoseq!

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