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A start of a new week but the middle of our experiment. Digestion includes PSB1C3 from our iGEM part. Through gel electrophoresis we can confirm that we are on the right track and via gel extraction we are able to extract our PSB1C3 vector. Unfortunately, the OD value showed that our plasmid concentration is too low! We are not entirely sure what went wrong, is it that we did not follow the protocol correctly? Or is there something wrong with the kits? :/


Repeating yesterdays experiment, we have failed once again  We have tried kits from different labs but the results displayed are very much the same. Though the photo of the gel looks beautiful but the concentration is still too low! What do we dooo……?!


For the past few days we have been doing digestion and gel electrophoresis like a mad dog. Today, we have dedicated ourselves to plasmid extraction! To learn from our lesson, this time we extracted an entire rack so that we will have sufficient PSB1C3 vector for future use.


Our experiment is running downhill again!! We are still trying various ways to put things on track, continuously running gel electrophoresis and cutting gel and running gel electrophoresis and cutting gel and asking our advisors as well as seniors, what may go wrong?! But the concentration is still very low… Our GFP generator has arrived from the iGEM foundation. Still nothing grew, not a tint of bacterium  We have again encountered another problem. Doesn't matter! Never give up! We will continue to try different ways to make it work!


Time is flying and we are on the corner from the wiki deadline and competition in Hong Kong. Our wiki webpage and experiment is still far from done! The team members are all so nervous and stressed out because after the wiki deadline follows the Poster design and Power point presentation.

STOP, BREATH, SMILE, GO! Hopefully things will turn out better :)


The team shirt is a very important symbol and representative of the team. Many thanks to Irene’s sister for designing our team shirt for us. Members are all very enthusiastic and excited about discussing our shirts and deciding on which color should we go for.

We are all looking forward to the day where we all stand up high on that stage, in Hong Kong, as a team, all together TzuChiU_Formosa Hypnoseg.


What you see in the photo to your right is only part of what we have done. Due to the requirement of our experiment, we have made approximately ONE HUNDRED argar plates for stand by! Pat of it is ampicillin resistant and the other half is Cam resistant.
Prayers, May the rest of our experiment move smoothly : ) AND! May our parts arrive to the headquarters in America safely, Amen.

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