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Today is another human practice day! A new semester, a new start. We welcomed our adorable newbies into the faculty and hope that iGEM can continue year after year in our faculty.

During their orientation, we requested a few minutes where we introduced iGEM and our project to the freshmen’. Then again, from the surveys we have handed out, we have got really good responses from the audience and that majority of them are interested in the iGEM foundation. Looking at them from the stage is as if looking at ourselves from three years ago, we wonder how many among these people would become a fellow TzuChiU_Formoza member?


It is our first time using a kit to do plasmid extraction. Compared to the traditional way of doing it, it does indeed save a lot of time but then again it decreases the efficiency greatly too. After several attempts, we have eventually decided to use the traditional way to extract our plasmid for greater efficiency.


Here we have of our lovely yet beautiful team member, Cupcake. Many thanks to her for helping us with some English translations and keeping in touch with the headquarters. Here she is busy doing gel extraction with a kit, hopefully she can successfully grasp our OD concentration!


We are on the verge of losing count of how many gel electroporation we have already done. Gel after gel after gel. Thanks to Irene who is responsible for the experimental group, having to take the trouble patiently and repeating the same experiment over and over again. Although most of the time things do not always turn out the way we expect it to, Irene never gave up but instead strived her ultimate best! Her integrity is definitely something we can all learn from!
Gel electroporation, gel electroporation and more gel electroporation, hopefully we can succeed!


In a blink of an eye, we are already half way into the deadline. Thank you to Li Zhong Yen for constructing our wiki and putting it on the run. Starting off from nil, to designing such a marvelous webpage that belongs to US. Though we cannot compare it to those who specialize in / who is good at designing web pages but to us, this is absolutely brilliant! With every part of the wiki being completed, so comes the sense of satisfaction and excitement because the person in charge has to go the extra mile and fumble with something that absolutely alien.


Conquering our ups and downs, our team has finally moved onto Plasmid extraction today.

As usual, we have used the traditional way to do our plasmid extraction. Though it takes a longer period of time to complete, but it is still very entertaining working together. The feeling of teamwork feels greeeeeeat! : )


Oh no! We are out of plates! Without the plates we cannot culture our main character → E.coli! Last time half of us prepared the LB plates, this time the other half prepared our plates. We take turns to do the trifles and the easy part of the experiment so that everyone takes part in it.

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