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The media is a great way to appeal to many people who have nothing to do with the scientific community. Internet, TV, radio and newspapers are great ways to present the research in an interesting and simple way. We hope that our contributions gave many people an understanding of synthetic biology and the manifold possibilities of this science.

Radio and TV

IGEM Bielefeld2013 TVRadio.jpg

After publishing our [ first press release], radio and TV stations contacted us to have interviews or a short TV report with us. Furthermore we contacted local radio stations. This was a great chance for us to talk about our project in regard to biological and environmental aspects. We were part of the OWL Lokalzeit, a regional news show, which is broadcasted in North Rhine Westfalia via the TV station Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). Furthermore Radio Bielefeld performed a short interview and video clip with us. In addition, we had two interviews at Radio Hertz 87.9 (Bielefeld University campus radio) to inform students at our university about Synthetic Biology, the iGEM competition and our project. Last but not least we had a contribution in the US internet news show Daily Orbit.

  • [ WDR - 08/30/2013]
  • [ Radio Bielefeld - 08/05/2013]
  • [ Radio Hertz (87.9) - 08/05/2013]
  • [ Radio Hertz (87.9) - 09/09/2013]
  • [ Daily Orbit - 07/18/2013]

After the successful European Jamboree and publishing our [ second press release] we had a TV contribution with the WDR TV station again. As part of the OWL Lokalzeit, we reported about our success in Lyon and the final work before travelling to the World Championship. Furthermore we organized a press conference at Center for Biotechnology at Bielefeld University, where media representatives from television and radio had the opportunity to ask questions about our project and our plans for the finale in Boston.

  • [ WDR - 10/28/2013]


IGEM Bielefeld2013 Internet.jpg

After we had chosen the Microbial Fuel Cell to be our iGEM project 2013, we published our [ first press release] on the 17th of July in German as well as in English. In the following weeks and months a lot of online magazines and newspapers reported worldwide about our project. We are very proud to have raised interest not only in Germany but also in several other countries all over the world. Here is a small selection of articles published online about our project.

  • [ Bielefeld University: Press release (eng) - 07/17/2013]
  • [ - 07/18/2013]
  • [ UK: Alpha Galileo News - 07/17/2013]
  • [ - 07/17/2013]
  • [ Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (IdW) - 07/17/2013]
  • [ USA: RedOrbit - 07/17/2013]
  • [ India: MumbaiMirror - 07/18/2013]
  • [ USA: Inhabitant - 07/21/2013]
  • [ - 07/22/2013]

After the European Jamboree in Lyon where we won the prize for the best overgraduate project and the award for the best presentation, we published our [ second press release] on the 16th of October in German as well as in English. In the following days many online magazines and newspapers reported about our project and the success at the Jamboree.

  • [ University: Press release (ger) - 10/16/2013]
  • [ University: Press release (eng) - 10/17/2013]
  • [ - 10/21/2013]
  • [ Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (IdW) - 10/17/2013]
  • [,did=166768.html?listBlId=74462& – 10/15/2013]
  • [ – 10/15/2013]
  • [ VDI News – 10/17/2013]
  • [ EurekAlert! – 10/21/2013]

Print Media

(Top Article: [ WESTFALEN-BLATT]) and (Lower Article: [ DIE-GLOCKE])
(Article: [ TRANSKRIPT])
(Top Left Article: [ WESTFALEN-BLATT]), (Top Right Article: [ NEUE WESTFÄLISCHE]) and (Lower Article: [ VDI NACHRICHTEN])

  • With our project, we could not only raise interest of online magazines. German newspapers reported about our project as well. The newspapers [ WESTFALEN-BLATT] and [ DIE-GLOCKE] published articles about our project.

  • After winning the European Jamboree the newspapers [ NEUE WESTFÄLISCHE] and [ WESTFALEN-BLATT], as well as the magazine [ TRANSKRIPT] reported about our success. The newspaper [ VDI NACHRICHTEN] published an article about the topic of synthetic biology with our project as an example for combining engineering aspects with genetic research.