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Here is a summary of the parts that we have submitted into the registry. Parts BBa_K1059001 to BBa_K1059006, BBa_K1059027,BBa_K1059066 and part BBa_K1059027 belong to RNA guardian part of our project; PartsBBa_K1059010 to BBa_K1059015 belong to intercellular compartment part of our project.

Favorite parts
BBa_K1059003, BBa_K1059004, BBa_K1059066 (BBa_K1059066 consists of BBa_K1059004) are confirmed to work well. We have proved both of them experimentally in RNA Guardian section. The expression efficiency of a gene with part BBa_K1059003 or BBa_K1059004 is abvious higher than the control groups.

Parts of artificial organelle system
BBa_K1059010, RBS+mamI
BBa_K1059011, RBS +mamL
BBa_K1059012, RBS+mamQ
BBa_K1059013, RBS+mamB
BBa_K1059014, RBS+mamK
These parts are all ligations of RBS BBa_J23106 and protein coding we use in our artificial gene cluster. We preserve these genes in E.coli, avoid the gene loss when AMB-1 strain is cultured in High oxygen Partial pressure environment. What’s more after we transformed these genes into JM109 strain, it can be clearly seen that there is MamC::GFP fluorescence gathering in both ends of E.coli cell.

BBa_K1059015, J23106+B0032+mamB
We designed this part as an intermediate product to join the whole express loop and detect whether the strength of promoter J23106 and RBS B0032 is suitable.

Parts of RNA guardian system
BBa_K1059003,BBa_K1059004, BBa_K1059005, BBa_K1059006 – these parts all regulate the degradation of an mRNA by preventing endonuclease/exonuclease from interacting with mRNA, as a result increasing the expression of a gene. We have characterized all of these parts in RNA Guardian section and proved one of them does improve the expression of GFP with a lva tag.
BBa_K1059001, BBa_K1059002, BBa_K1059027, BBa_K1059066, BBa_K1059099 – these composite parts consist of GFP with lva tag(BBa_K145015), BBa_J23101,BBa_B0015, BBa_K1059003, BBa_K1059004. All of them are characterized and some of them are proved to work well in RNA Guardian.