Prussian Blue Ferritin Temperature Optimization

Reaction Mixture

  • 10μL Prussian Blue Ferritin (22μg/mL)
  • 6μL Substrate (TMB or ABTS, 10mg/mL)
  • 32μL Hydrogen Peroxide (30%)
  • Sodium Acetate-Acetic Acid Buffer (pH 3.6) up to 242μL

  1. Combine all of the reagents listed in the reaction mixture, minus hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Set the spectrophotomer to read the appropriate absorbance (650nm for TMB, 415nm for ABTS) for 10 minutes with 10 second intervals.
  3. Add the appropriate amount of hydrogen peroxide, and IMMEDIATELY begin taking readings.
  4. Repeat the experiment multiple times for each temperature (25-45˚C with 5˚C intervals)
  5. Slopes of each experiment was determined and plotted against temperature to determine optimum temperature.