Transcription Activator-Like Effectors (TALEs) are naturally occurring proteins that bind to DNA. These proteins are found in Xanthomonas species, a plant pathogen, and originally serve as a pathogenic factor. Because TALEs have a highly conserved modular region for DNA binding, they are particularly amenable to genetic engineering and customization. To find out more about what TALEs are, how they work and how they have been used for, check our TALEs background page.

For proof of concept, we worked with TALEs from the Parts Registry. To check our characterization on Registry TALEs, click here.

For our detecting system itself, we have engineered TALE proteins that binds to two different regions of the Shiga Toxin II gene, Stx2, found in E. coli and other entero-haemorrhagic bacteria. Learn more about the design considerations of our engineered TALEs by clicking here.