Team:Colombia Uniandes/Meetings



After to complete the introductory classes our team held meetings for the development of our project


May 7

This day we met and discussed about what would work for iGEM 2013. To optimize the time we split into 6 subgroups, each of these was commissioned to investigate a topic of interest to assess their feasibility and bring theoretical.

May 14

During today’s meeting we discussed about the proposals, which were:

  1. Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans is a bacterium capable of leaching copper processes currently used in bioremediation by the Chilean company Coldeco. Our proposal is integrate the system to Acidithibacillus ferrooxidans of copper extraction and the mechanism of a magnetotactic bacterium as Magnetospirillum magneticum, in order to achieve that when the copper was incorporate into the bacteria, this is attracted by a magnetic field, optimizing metal removal.
  2. Bioremediation of the water sources contaminated with chromium (VI) by means of a Bacillus sp..
  3. Steroid detection from thermo sensor mechanism of Bacillus subtilis for application in sports practices
  4. Biosensor in shape of plasmid able to detect high levels of glucocorticoids in animal tissue.
  5. Development a bacteria capable to sensing the nickel allowing the bioremediation. For it we proposed use part in the iGEM registry (Part: BBa_K549001) and connect with the periplasmic protein of binding to Ni, NikA.
  6. Develop a system capable of detect many bacterial strains emitting a specific signal for different species. This assembly using E. coli and C. elegans and several quorum sensing genes.

After to analyze the proposals and following the suggestions of our director Juan Manuel Pedraza, we decided develop the project 4 and merge the projects 1 and 5. That's how our two master projects were born!

We also assigned tasks such as design constructs and fundraising proposals. Well as to evaluate the bacterial strains and parts that we going to used.

May 29

During today’s meeting our first topic was the groups conformations. These were established in the following manner:


Were proposed the following models:

- For glucocorticoid


The GR receptor to be activated by glucocorticoids joins GRE enhancer region for activation of the promoter and reporter activation, using as final organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

-For nickel


In this system, RcnR is activated by nickel and this will activate the promoter pRcnA which transcribes the nikABCDE porin that is required to absorb nickel, the final organism going to be Magnetospirillum magneticum. Requires checking the promoter. In further meetings the nikABCDE system was replaced by HoxN (a smaller and more efficent nickel transporter).

June 06

We discussed the progress made in the laboratory, modeling and managers of human practice commented that they contacted professional in veterinary for his opinion on the draft glucocorticoids, finally devised a raffle for a iPad 4 for fundraising.

July 03

We performed a tutorial for managing the Wiki, which explained the tools to use, codes, and schema. Also discussed the logos and designs that we represent.

August 02

This day the modeling group members showed very good results in the development of nickel parameters and finding those for glucocorticoids. On the other hand, discussed the team's finances.

August 14

This day at the meeting we discussed about modeling of m-cherry production. And we made the team group photo with our official shirts, as super heroes!