Team:Colombia Uniandes/Thanks



The Human Practices' team wants to say "Thank you!" to:

  • José Javier de la Hoz

For his interest in our project and his constant contributions. He let us know about the debate in the Congress of the Republic where we were. He helped us to find to Israel Aguilar and interviewed him.

  • Israel Aguilar

For his invitation to the native community that is affected by pollution. That is a great opportunity to know the problem near and to know what things we can do with science to help to society.

  • Juan Gossaín

Just with an e-mail he allowed us to be known around the country writing to El Tiempo about us and making them to be interested in our projects.

  • Dr. Jenny Dussán Garzón

For her critical point of view about what we are doing. And for her priority to give an integral formation to students.

  • Javier Silva

For his review publicated in El Tiempo about our projects :)

  • Dr. Johanna Husserl

For her professional opinion about Nicko which was reflected in an excellent interview she gave us. And for her seeking to help with laboratory resources.

  • Dr. Leonel Cardona

For his professional opinion about Chimi :)

  • Agrocampo S.A.

For let us to carry out our survey with their customers.

  • Tadeo Martínez

We're very thankful with him, he gave us important information and contacts to develop in a good way our Human Practices' activities.

  • Adriana Celis

For her colaboration in the borrowing of lab for the bacterial survey.

  • Camilo Villegas and En Órbita's Team

For let us to be in his radio program, in a live broadcast! We have never been in a broadcasting station before!

  • Juan Carlos Gómez

For his contribution in the translation of some of our interviews and for his annotations about the language.

  • Native Community from Montelíbano

They were our inspiration, they have a problem that we think can be solved with synthetic biology!

  • Headmasters

They allow us to present our projects in the schools and feedback with the opinions of the students. We have a special greeting for Mónica Potosí and Mauricio Mosquera.

And to anybody whom responded our surveys, whom listened our conferences or just did any other contribution! Thank you so much!