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Our Sponsors!

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Special thanks to

    The following is a list of the people and groups we would wish to thank for their support:
  • Firstly, Dr. Juan Manuel Pedraza and Dr. Silvia Restrepo, our advisors, for their help and support.
  • To the Biophysics laboratory at the Universidad de los Andes, for the space, resources and patience they gave us. Also, Dr. Steven Trier for his help with the fluorometer.
  • To the LAMFU(Laboratorio de Micología y Fitopatología de la Universidad de los Andes) who helped us and lent us a hand, specially Dr. Adriana Bernal for her aid and concern.
  • To Dr. Camilo López Carrascal from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Bogotá, for the pAT7002 plasmid he kindly lent us.
  • To Dr. Jef D. Boeke and Leslie Mitchell at JHU for the yeast strains and plasmids they kindly donated us.
  • To Dr. Fernando Cárdenas from the Psychology department at the Universidad de los Andes for his knowledge of kinds of stress and applications for our project.
  • To everybody that made possible our Human Practices' activities, whose names are listed in the human practices' acknowledgments.

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