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The experimental work in the lab, computational modeling and the webpage was done by team members only. Every student had a responsibility for a particular task but of course work in the lab as well as on the wiki. Meret was responsible for the human practice, optimization and cloning, Parvathi for the proof of principle experiments with GFP, Angela for the hydrolase tests, Matthias for the promoter library, Susanna for the Model and Fabian for the WIKI.
We thank our advisors for their continuous support in result interpretation, trouble shooting and debugging of the experiments, model and the WIKI.


Thanks to Dr. Johannes Haerle (PostDoc, Panke Group D-BSSE Basel) for the hydrolases

Thanks to Anke Gehringer (Technical Assistent, Panke Group D-BSSE Basel) for the enzyme kinetics protocols

Thanks to Andreas Bosshart (PhD student, Panke Group D-BSSE Basel) for the plasmid backbones

Thanks to Niels Bürckert (BSO, D-BSSE Basel) for helpful discussions concerning the safety form

Thanks to Verena Jaeggin and the whole Single cell facility group for support concerning the Fortessa FACS analyser and the iTecan infinity M200 plate reader

Thanks to Dr. Thomas Horn for taking time from his busy schedule to arrange for the microscopy experiment for us.

Thanks to Urs Senn (Technical Assistent, Stelling Group D-BSSE Basel) for the robotic support

Thanks to the iGEM 2012 Team ETH Zurich for the general structure of the template header code
We are extremely grateful to D-BSSE, ETH-Zürich, for their cordial support and guidance for the conduction of our project.