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Human practice overview

Because we deem gamification to be a very interesting concept when considering human practice in synthetic biology we wanted to analyze how games and synthetic biology can go together. We studied examples where games were used to proof new principles and games used as active research tool. Inspired by these examples we discussed how Colisweeper could be used as a tool to introduce students of different school grades, from the younger to the high schools, to concepts of Biology, Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology in different levels of detail. With our Colisweeper lab course kit, the younger students could just learn the general concept about bacteria, microscopic life and enjoy the game, while more advanced classes could dive into the intricacy of biological regulation and circuit design. An intuitive GUI based modeling system can be developed to allow students to easily play around with the system design and experience in first person its requirements. In addition we push this gamification process even further and describe how Colisweeper could be set up as a web-based game using an internet platform and a remote control to play a robot assisted colisweeper located in our departement from all over the world.