We want to thank…

  • AG Bölker
  • AG Mösch and especially Dr. Christof Taxis and Christian Renicke
  • AG Batschauer and particularly Christian Orth and Tanja Göbel
  • AG Maier and especially Franziska Hempel
  • AG Bange and particularly Jan Schumacher
  • AG Graumann and particularly Dr. Felix Dempwolff
  • Dr. Gundula Meißner
  • Dr. Philipp Reiß
  • Manuel Hiss

for providing us their facilities and materials as well as for the innumerable inspiring and motivating discussions. It was a great experience.

Last but not least we want to mention our advisers Prof. Dr. Michael Bölker and Dr. Gert Bange for the great support and encouragement, for the time consuming conversations and telephone calls.