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Working with GMOs outside the lab is a delicate task because the spread and gene transfer to organisms in the environment must be prevented. This is the reason why the Israel iGEM-Team decided to engineer a system that, after the organism leaves the controlled environment, leads to cell death. We are convinced that safety is always an important issue so we were glad when the BGU Israel asked us for help. For the detailed characterization of a main component, the phage λ cI repressor, of their system special equipment is required and we could provide it. Before making the HPLC they asked for we will perform some Western blots to find out if an HPLC is really necessary. Therefore we will use the provided plasmid with the His-tagged cI and anti-His antibodies. In return the BGU Israel iGEM team will characterize our nitrate reductase promoter used for the antibody production in PHAECTORY.