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  • BioBricks Construction of specific P. tricornutum BioBricks.
  • Vector Design Design of P. tricornutum specific vectors.
  • Transfection Transfection of vectors into P. tricornutum.
  • PHAECTORY Growth of PHAECTORY needs only sunlight and is CO2-neutral.
  • Products Isolation of complex proteins (e.g. antibodies), which were secreted from PHAECTORY.

Here we present a schematic overview on the milestones of our project. Just click on each of the production steps to learn more about our way of building PHAECTORY.

BioBricks: In a first step standardized BioBricks for Phaeodactylum tricornutum have to be designed in order to produce complex proteins of choice.

Vector design: Use our provided BioBricks to create your individual expression vector.

Transfection: With the help of our transfection protocol, it is easy to rapidly integrate novel genetic information into the genome of P. tricornutum.

PHAECTORY: Phaeodactylum tricornutum can be used for the large-scale production of your protein of choice. PHAECTORY needs therefore only a salt medium or sea water, sunlight and CO2.

Products: All kinds of complex proteins, bioplastic, spider silk and biofuel can easily be produced with PHAECTORY. Therebye, the high-quality products are directly secreted into the medium.