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On April, 24, the Marburg iGEM team joined the third SYNMIKRO (Center for Synthetic Microbiology) conference entitled “From biological diversity to microbial cell factories” in Marburg. For almost all of us it was the first scientific conference and we all enjoyed a great day with highly interesting talks coping with synthetic biology. The conference also offered the opportunity to get in contact with other scientists from universities and industry as well as with other students from Germany. Among other instructive presentations, the lecture of Prof. Dr. Olaf Kruse (CeBiTec Bielefeld) was of special interest for our own iGEM project. He covered the optimization of bioproduction in microalgae and pointed out possible issues that should be considered working with genetically engineered plants. The presentation of Dr. Andriy Luzhetsky, who did not directly address topics of our own project, was very motivating because given with great enthusiasm for synthetic biology.


SYNMIKRO Conference 2013