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The 7th of September 2013 was appointed to be the day of synthetic biology by the eleven German iGEM teams. On this day these teams intended to inform the public about the synthetic biology in general and about the iGEM competition and their projects. Our team was present with an information stand in the central city of Marburg. As sources of information about the synthetic biology and our iGEM project PHAECTORY we used postcards, flyers, posters and a quiz. Furthermore, we organized a wheel of fortune where the passers-by could win a prize which was sponsored by SYNMIKRO. To learn more on the public perception of synthetic biology, we carried out a survey questioning whether synthetic biology might be seen as a danger for society. 65 % of the survey respondents stated that the synthetic biology is not dangerous. In general, people were very interested in our work and there were some intensive and passionate discussions. One can say that it was a successful event and we hope that we could create a positive thinking about our work.

Day of synthetic biology