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Notebook : July 10

Lab work

A - Aerobic/Anaerobic regulation system

Objective : obtaining BBa_K1155003, BBa_K1155007

1 - Transformation of BBa_I732019 in DH5α


Protocol : Bacterial transformation

Objective : obtaining biobricks in pSB3K3

1 - Mini and maxi preparation of the culture of BBa_J04450


Transformation of BBa_J044500 of 07/09/13 didn't work. We obtain 34 colonies. We will extract DNA by doing mini and maxi preparations.

Protocol : Mini and maxi preparation

We let our preparations at 37°C, 200rpm with 5mL of LB and 5mL of kanamicine antibiotic.

B - PCB sensor system

Objective : obtaining BBa_K1155001, BBa_K1155002, BphR2 protein

1 - Transformation of ligation of pSB1C3 and BphA1 or BphR1 or BphR2


Protocol : Bacterial transformation

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