Team:Paris Saclay/Notebook/June/24


Notebook : June 24

Lab work

- Order oligonucleotides and strains

- Research the intergenic sequence which contain the promoter for Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes KF 707

- Research on Rhodococcus rhodoccrous RHA1

- Research on Registry of standard biological parts

- Search and document about the BioBrick which contain the lacZ with RBS and terminator

- Code: BBa_ I722017. We don’t get it in the kit therefore we could ask to iGEM.

- Design the Pndh* promoter primers called pfrn_ up and pfnr_down for forward and reverse primer, respectively

- List the BioBricks which we may have a need

- Plan the first part manipulation (the first and second BBa)

- Control and verify the construction if we have some BioBrick with RBS and Terminators that could be used after

- General presentation written in Word about PCBs for Wiki

- Prepare 3 ml overnight culture of E.Coli DH5α in LB medium

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