Team:Paris Saclay/Notebook/June/25


Notebook : June 25

Human practices

First meeting : 25/06/2013

People there: Caroline, Anais, Eric, Nima, Zouh, Gabriel et Nadia

This meeting was a first contact with the concept of the Open Source applied for synthetic biology and with the impact of the open source in our economy.

First, Anais and Gabriel made a global presentation of the Open Source, what is it, how it works.(paper)

Thanks to this presentation, we have learned about the difference between free software and Open Source, and about the conditions of OSI. These definitions gave us the basis to raise some questions :

- What comparisons can we make beetween the software's world (and its concept of OpenSource) and synthetic biology's world that tries to apply the Open Source.

- Between free software and open source, towards what way synbiology heads ?

- What is the impact or the role of the community on the type of model adopted ?

- The researches in synbiology and biotechnologies are they adapted to the Open source (and vis versa) ?

Second, Eric made a presentation of the state of bioeconomy today (power point)

Thanks to this presentation, we have learned about the Moore's laws and the impact of the open source on brevets and firms. We raised some questions about this impact : - Can brevets and OpenSource exist together without killing the monomoly of big firms ? -


- Launch the request of primers after checking them

- Documentation about FNR activator

- Extraction of total genomic DNA from 2 ml of Escherichia. coli DH5α culture with the NucleoSpin ® Tissue. The sample obtained at the end of manipulation is indeed in the presence of a characteristic peak (at 260 nm) of the DNA by nanodrop spectrophotometry, its concentration is 53.6 ng / ul. Storing bacteria with glycerol at -70°C

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