Fig.1 corporation we contacted

In this year, we cooperated with corporations to search for the real application of our project. If we want the scientific results in the field of synthetic biology applied to people's daily life, cooperation with corporations is necessary. Just realizing this fact, we tried to contacted many corporations, and introduced our project as well as the concept of "synthetic biology" to the corporations. Figure 1 is part of the list of corporations we have contacted in this year.

Fig.2 Boyuan Biotech

During the plication of communication with corporations, the company, Shanghai Boyuan Biotechnology CO.,LTD , showed great interest in our project and wanted to know more about our project, iGEM, even synthetic biology. What's more, they are considering to attend Asian Jamboree with our team.

To communicate with Boyuan Biotech in detail, we have determined to hold a conference in SJTU on Sep. 29, inviting the corporaion and other related researchers to communicate with each other.

Education Program


Zhiyuan college, a college constructed in SJTU aiming at fostering Chinese future academic masters, started a program called Zhiyuan Academic Elite Education Program (ZAEEP) to promote the acacemic literacy and leadership of students in SJTU.


Our team members also took the courses designed by Zhiyuan College in this year. Besides, during the program, our team also gave a lecture in the class to introduce our iGEM project, our experience of synthetic biology experiment and human practise process, thus educating students participating in ZAEEP the necessary skills they should have, at the same time, telling the concept of synthetic biology to them.

During the cooperation with ZAEEP, we did a lot both to promote our self-ability and to disseminate our project, iGEM and synthetic biology. The courses we received were mainly aimed at fostering our ability to quickly read papers, promoting our skills to give a academic literature and doing all other things that can help us to become an elite in the academic field. We, as a group of important participants having very special experience on the aspect of taking part in large competition, also had a great chance to share our experience with other students, thus being able to spread the concept of "synthetic biology" to them.

Never before has an iGEM team involved in such large scale academic elite cultivation plans supported by national education ministry. We took a big step forward to disseminate the iGEM project in such an official academic elite cultivation plan.