Project Overview

13SJTU overview.png


  • Regulate genomic genes without changing their promoters.
  • "Totipotent"! Change the target gene as you want by making some minor changes in gRNA sequence.

Why Lights?

  • Easy to adjust! Get rid of those laborious work of adding inducing chemicals! :)
  • Multi-control! lights of different colors can be exerted simultaneously. And one sensor will only be activated by photons with a narrow range of wavelengths.
  • Accurate!
  • Uniformly distribute in cell culture.

Why CRISPRi AND Lights?

  • Lights alone? CANNOT be easily applied on genomic genes.
  • CRISPRi alone? HARD to be simultaneous; NOT convenient.

Why Computer?

Computer and Electronics! Experience the information century!

  • Input your desired expression level into our User Interface on the computer. And just leave rest of the work to our program and our illuminating device!