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In this project, we use two synthetic RNA thermometers. The first one, which allows translation at temperatures over 37ºC, was designed and tested by Neupert et al. (2008). The second, which allows translation at temperatures over 32ºC, was designed and tested by TUDelft team. We appreciate the contribution of both research teams and thank them for making our project possible!


Special thanks to:

UANL / Biological School of Sciences

Our Instructors

Dra. Diana Reséndez-Pérez

Dr. J. Claudio Moreno-Rocha

Dr. Antonio Guzmán-Velasco

Our Advisors

Dra. Dvorak Montiel-Condado

Dr. Mario Bermúdez-de León

Dra. Elva Teresa Aréchiga-Carvajal

Dr. José M. Viader-Salvado

Dr. Ricardo Canales-del Castillo

Dr. Jorge Verduzco-Martínez

Dr. Juan Manuel Alcocer-González

The Persons and Laboratories that made ​​this project possible

Dra. Diana Reséndez-Pérez, Dr. Fermín Mar-Aguilar, Dra Jeannie Salinas and Biol. Salome Elizondo

Developmental Biology Laboratory L-8, Department of Genetics and Cellular Biology.

Dra. M. Porfiria Barrón-González

Cellular Biology Laboratory, Department of Genetics and Cellular Biology.

Dra. Katiushka Arévalo Niño

L-2 Lab, Biotechnology Institute.

Dr. Benito Pereyra and Astrid Espinozo-Valle

L-4 Lab, Biotechnology Institute.

Dr. Jorge A. Verduzco-Martínez for lending us a working area.

Molecular Evolution Laboratory, Department of Genetics and Cellular Biology.

Dr. Moisés A. Franco-Molina

Immunotherapy laboratory, L-6. Immunology Institute.

Dr. Ricardo Canales-del Castillo

Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development Laboratory.

Thanks to the School Administration. Our Principal and Instructor, Dr. Antonio Guzmán Velasco; Dr. Jose Ignacio González-Rojas, Deputy Principal (Academic) and M.S.c. Ramón R. Cavazos-González, Deputy Principal (Administrative) and M. Sc. Alejandra E. Arreola Triana Science Communication Coordinator.

Thanks to Staff of the Synthetic Biology Tunnel and Genomics Biotechnology Roundabout.

Hermanas Rocha y Sida Foundation for the advancement of the Sciences.

José Moreno-Díaz President and Board of Directors.

Sierra Madre Brewing and Co.

Sponsor Genscript.

And a special thanks to our advisor / instructor and dear friend: Dr. J. Claudio Moreno-Rocha for his continuous support and advice.

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