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Total People Reached: 14,813

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Cuatrociénegas. Special Tunnel Edition

Last year, we reached about 7,000 people in the exhibition we called Synthetic Biology Tunnel 2012 . This year we continued to grow as we went to a small town named Cuatrociénegas, Coahuila, a place known for its great metagenomic diversity, whose people we believe should be aware of what the treasure they possess. Synthetic Biology Tunnel 2013 was a great experience both for local people and for us.

Genomics Biotechnology Roundabout One of our largest public exhibitions.

This year we also designed a new exhibition for all ages to explain the application of Synthetic Biology in the main Biotechnological areas: medical, industrial, genomics, environmental, agriculture and marine. The Genomics Biotechnology Roundabout was exposed in two editions where we caught the attention of more than 4,000 people of all ages.

iGEM CIDEB WS CIDEB's Training Workshop for iGEM High School

iGEM-UANL team conducted a training workshop to enlist the team CIDEB-UANL Mexico to the iGEM competition for its participation in iGEM HSD 2013. We did a Theorical-Practice Workshop, a Lab Manual, Lab sesions and many other activities. They did fabulous! They came 2nd runner up in the competition just like the last year .

Talks and Conferences Synthetic Biology Talks for all Ages

As an essential part of the promotion of science, the iGEM team focused part of its activities to student and high school, doing talks and conferences close to synthetic biology and its projects in iGEM to arouse their interest in the matter. Check out our activities!

GENOBIOTEC13 International Symposium on Biotechnology and Genomics.

In collaboration with the Student Asociation of Biotechnology and Genomics, we organized the most innovative and most important symposium on biological sciences in Latin America, with a strong focus on synthetic and systems biology. We offer an outstanding opportunity to network with global synthetic biology leaders.

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