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Training Workshops

When the persons are interested in a topic, they search for a way to gain knowledge of it. For this reason, the team iGEM UANL made two major workshops to educate the colleagues of our faculty on synthetic biology and mathematical modeling. And as part of a special activity, we carry out a theoretical and practical size for high school as a method for the formation and preparation of the team iGEM CIDEB, which so far has proven to be a competitive team in the category of iGEM high school. Would you like to know more? Check it in the following sections:


Math Modelling Workshop

This year, the iGEM UANL team decided to establish an introductory course called 'Mathematical Modeling in Systems Biology', with the idea of preparing our faculty students in the mathematical area of biology.


CIDEB High School
Training Workshop

iGEM-UANL team conducted a training workshop to enlist the team CIDEB-UANL Mexico to the iGEM competition for its participation in iGEM HSD 2013. They did fabulous! They came 2nd runner up in the competition just like the last year.
The topics that were included in the workshop were about molecular biology related with the nucleic acids function and the proteins involved in the “Central dogma”. About the laboratory, different techniques of molecular biology in the laboratory that are used in the genetic engineering and the synthetic biology, were taught to the students and a Practices Handbook was given to them elaborated by the instructors of the workshop.



SynBio Workshop

In mid-January 2013, students interested on becoming members of the iGEM team UANL 2013 were invited to a four day introductory workshop with the main objective of training them to develop the basic theoretical knowledge for the competition by introducing them to basic Molecular and Synthetic Biology topics, to the tools of Genetic Engineering and to what the competition consists in.


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